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Custom Artwork

Agape Apparel can work your ideas into a design for apparel. Whether the design is being screen printed or embroidered on your garments. We make sure the size and colors are correct for the right type of embellishment and/or garment.

Pre-Existing Artwork

Clip Art : Over 6 million pieces are available for you to chose from.These designs can be modified for your specific requirements. (ie… adding text, removing or adding objects etc…) The charge for these designs vary depending upon modification. Click on a link below, decide on the category, then use the search function to browse the available designs.

Clip Art:  Christian and General designs.

Embroidery  Designs:   GrandSlam  and Great Notions


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Review the  ” 5 Essentials for Quoting ”  list below and contact us for a quote.

Please contact us for pricing on your specific requirements.